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TODD ENGINEERING LTD was formed in the early nineties and has swiftly expanded to become one of the UK's leading spraybooth manufacturers. 

Our two large factories are situated on the edge of the industrial Midlands, close to many of our suppliers.  All design and manufacture are undertaken by a skilled workforce, many of whom have served company apprenticeships.


Todd Engineering is proud of its wide range of quality products, efficient in-house installation service and customer care, all of which have contributed to our rapid growth.  Our vast customer base is a testimony to our claim that we always aim to offer customers value for money, this is supported by a growing list of prestige customers, both in the UK and overseas.


WE OFFER A WIDE RANGE OF SPRAYBOOTHS from 'Start-ups' to large commercial units.  We also have an active research and development programme to ensure the product range is continuously undergoing improvement.  This progressive approach offers significant benefits to the customer, ranging from reductions in energy consumption and running costs to an improved working environment for body shop operatives.  With this real attention to detail, the range can incorporate high-quality features to maximise body shop throughput. 


All UK and the vast majority of overseas installations are undertaken by our team of specialist fitters and commissioning engineers.  Our technical expertise and design office can cater to the specific needs of each customer.  We can manufacture and install within existing premises or provide stand-alone facilities.  Our flexible approach to each project still enables us to maintain our usual high standard and competitive prices.

Our products fully comply with European paint directives (EPD), then Environmental Protection Act (EPA) and Health and Safety guidance notes.  Our spraybooths can be modified to meet the individual requirements of countries outside of the EU.


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