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Todd Engineering’s Nemesis 5000 Series spraybooths represent cutting-edge innovation and design in developing ‘the only true solution’ for bodyshops wanting to dramatically increase productivity while reducing vehicle movements, paint product expenditure, key to key times and energy consumption.


At the heart of the Nemesis range of spraybooths is the E5, a robotic gas catalytic IR Arch. The E5 is capable of not only moving along the length of a booth cabin but can also traverse width ways throughout multiple cabins.  It also has the ability to ‘fully cure’ panels using standard un-accelerated products in a matter of minutes, meaning it can be reworked as soon as they are cool.

The Nemesis range can be configured as a two or three bay set up allowing a full repair process to be undertaken in the downdraught cabins.

  • Includes Greentech E5 Robotized IR Arch
  • 25,000m³/hr AirFlow Rating
  • 4kW Direct Drive Bifurcated Fans
  • VSD Inverter Drive Motor Control
  • State-of-the-art LED Lighting System
  • Water Based Compatible
  • 34 Air Changes per Minute
  • Fully gridded; no pit excavations required, installed on a flat surface.
  • Direct Fired Gas Burner
  • Cabin – White Internal/External Double Insulated Panels
  • Front doors in a Triple Leaf Format with White Internal/External Finish.
  • Internal Dimensions: 2.6m high x  4m wide x 9m long. Other sizes are available.
  • Full 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty
  • Hydracure™ Water Based Curing System Available as Optional Extra

  • Drying time is reduced by more than 50%
  • Fuel consumption is reduced by 80%
  • Productivity Increased by 30%
  • Rapid Payback on Investment
  • Safe, Flameless heater technology approved for ATEX hazardous areas.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Gas Catalytic Panels do not produce Carbon Monoxide (CO) or Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), moreover they abate VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) with consequent reduction of toxic emissions.

  • Dimensions  2837mm x 2980mm x 540mm
  • 12 Catalytic panels
  • Weighs 350kg
  • Natural Gas or LPG


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