Sytner Mercedes Sunderland groundwork’s have just been completed and the build process has now started.

Completion is due in 2 weeks time to hand the complex over.

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Sytner Mercedes Newcastle 3 bay Complete Bodyshop Solution

Sytner Mercedes Newcastle have just taken the keys for Todd engineering’s latest solution to the complete package to smart repair in a Box.

This is a complete solution as a turn key package that has the compressor/dryer, built-in dust extraction(Minden as our partner), built-in lifts, skate system operating over the 3 bays, roller doors on both sides to the Low Bake oven in the middle, each prep bay has extraction and heat lamps supplied to dry primer.

The larger of the 2 prep bays has a complete wheel table with extraction, full size Paint Mix room to accommodate Schemes and is supplied with the latest full size ECO friendly Gun Wash machine .

The automatic Dust extraction and lift controls, as well as the ability to turn the booth on and off from within the cabins through the use of ATEX controls makes life easy for the painter and improves efficiency.


This solution will handle smart repair with ease and also do the larger jobs as well, which will free up space in the traditional Body Shop.

Sytner Sunderland have ordered the same complete complex and is being built as we speak.

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Henry Collbeck fat melting Booth,Stage 1 complete.

Every now and again we get to do something completely different,in this case we were asked to build a room that  used old chip fat oil and Beef dripping that has been placed in what can be described as a wheelie bin, be placed in and melted.This also had to be built over grids that will allow any spillage to drain away.With the room heating up to 99 degrees and blowers low down to evenly distribute the heated airflow which should allow the fat to melt over a 5 hour period.the trials are about to begin once the rest of the refinery plant is built.

The melted fat will be sucked up and refined and then sold on to power stations as a green energy fuel.

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Reed Auto’s New Spraybooth


Rob Walker (Body shop Manager) is enjoying the new Spraybooth installation at Reed Auto’s, the team pulled a great effort to get it all up and running in a short time much to the clients satisfaction. Rob has added the finishing touches and it all looks very pristine.

From the team at Todd’s we wish you well moving forward.

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Dentec @ Glasgow new Body shop Complex Install

Todd engineering are pleased to have been chosen as the Spray booth supplier for both the new Dentec Body shops at Glasgow and Aberdeen.

The Poseidon LP was the chosen Booth for the high airflow and having incorporated all the latest LED lights(1750 LUX) ,ECO drive technology  and Full Hydrocure system on a Low Profile floor saving on costly and time consuming civil works but not compromising on performance.Also incorporated is a Mercedes spec Aluminium bay with quiet running extraction and electric curtains.The mixing room has been incorporated between booths and all machinery has been hidden by panels and access doors,this gives it a sleek look and keeps the quiet machinery even quieter in the workshop(best of both worlds)

Phase 3 @ Glasgow is nearing completion and phase 1 has started at Aberdeen.

The whole complex has been designed to maximize painter efficiency and it also comes with that show stopping fit and finish,from mixing room table to window trims and control panels.

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Poseidon Spraybooth breaks new ground in prestigious E-Type restoration market

Todd engineering’s Poseidon spraybooth was recently selected for the prestigious role of bringing aging Jaguar E-Types back to their former glory by Kent based company E-Type UK.

All of us at Todd Engineering are proud to have our flagship spraybooth take part in giving this true icon of british motoring a new lease of life.

The spraybooth features our new low profile downdraught floor and state-of-the-art LED lighting system.

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Irish Commercials,Co Galway,Eire

Nice supersized Commercial spraybooth installed for Irish Commercials, 5M wide x 6M high and 15.4M long, perfect for any sized Lorry.

In full use as we speak.

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Richlee Motor Company adds a new smart repair facility

Todd were pleased to install a smart repair spraybooth booth and paint mix room in one of the smartest repair workshops we have ever seen, This facility will now allow an increase in productivity for the Richlee Motor Group and a lovely work place for the staff. we even provided and installed the 4 layer wall covering to protect the spraybooth before painting begins so the spraybooth will always be protected whilst it is in use.

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Evans Halshaw Vauxhall Portsmouth Smart Repair Centre

This is the latest outside facility for prepping, spraying & Baking Paintwork.  This new facility has a extracted prep bay with skates to slide into a full spec Low Bake Spraybooth with a roller shutter doors.  This enables a fast throughput in a fully self contained unit which also houses a large mixing room to which a full size mixing scheme can be added, separate room for storage of products/compressor/generator if it needs to be located away from main buildings, large rear corridor for lockers and other items to be stored, fully integrated Dust extraction can be built in as well as sunken floor lifts.This is the 3rd such installation for The Pendragon group with many more to follow in different configurations.  This facility has allowed smart repair to done in a safe controlled environment whilst also increasing production 4 fold and allowing each dealer to expand the level of work they undertake.

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15KW motors and fans now built and tested.

The 15Kw direct driven backward curved fans have been built and tested, Overspray has no chance in these spraybooths.

Note how small the 7.5kW fan assembly (which is big in its own right) looks in comparison.

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