Todd Engineering has recently completed the first installation of the new Hercules 6000 series Spraybooth

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Todd Engineering has recently completed the first installation of the new Hercules 600 series Spraybooth. The Hercules is the forefront of the new partnership between Todd Engineering and Green Tech Dryers. Through this business partnership, the Hercules 6000 Series Spraybooths can combine the high performance and quality of Todd Engineering’s top of the range booths with the very latest in IR Gas Catalytic drying technology.

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Green Tech will be visiting the UK soon to see the first two Hercules Spraybooths, which is located at Bruntingthorpe Integrated Automotive Solutions (BIAS).

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The spraybooth specification includes the Greentech E6 robotized IR arch which features nine specific catalytic lamps. The ultra-fast curing times associated with using this technology present bodyshops with greater throughput, efficiency and vast energy savings compared to conventional curing technologies.


The technology works by passing natural methane or LPG gas through a platinum-based catalyst which functions to split the carbon and hydrogen atoms of the gas molecules to create heat. That energy is then passed through the front of the catalyst where it mixes with oxygen; the oxygen combines with carbon molecules to produce CO2 and with hydrogen to create H2O. The result is Infrared energy that is emitted out of the device in a uniform low-intensity heat.



The heat is in the form of medium wavelength energy which has a spectrum wavelength that can directly penetrate the molecule of any paint product; therefore allowing a full cure in just a few minutes!

Key Features of IR Gas Catalytic Technology_ (2)

  • Drying time is reduced by more than 50%
  • Fuel consumption is reduced by 80%
  • Productivity Increased by 30%
  • Rapid Payback on Investment
  • Safe, Flameless heater technology approved for ATEX hazardous
  • Environmentally Friendly – Gas Catalytic Panels do not produce Carbon Monoxide (CO) or Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), moreover they abate VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) with consequent reduction of toxic


The Hercules features Todd Engineering’s latest LED lighting and Inverter variable speed drive technology to further enhance energy savings.

Key Features of IR Gas Catalytic Technology_ (3)

  • Includes Greentech E6 Robotized IR Arch
  • 25,000m³/hr Air Handling Capacity
  • Full Downdraught with Low Profile Raised Floors Available
  • Aerodynamic energy efficient direct drive fans
  • Inverter Variable Speed Drive Motor Control
  • Latest LED Lighting Technology

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