Euro Motors Bahrain is Completed

This mammoth build project in Bahrain was started in early 2016 and has now been completed just before Christmas.

This sprawling bodyshop complex is laid out in a multistorey building over five floors with each level being connected by service ramps which allow for two direction traffic flow.

This project has been one of the biggest we have undertaken overseas and also one of the most impressive, the level of detail requested by the client is very evident and the latest’s specification Todd Engineering Spraybooths meet that demand from a performance point of view and aesthetics as well.  The tiled floors complete the very high-tech and clinical feel of the facility.

The list of high performance equipment is equally impressive; with two Poseidon Series Spraybooths incorporating all the latest advancements in energy saving ECO technology, LED lighting and a performance upgrade to 15kW inlet and extract motors.  Robotic drying arches complete the high-tech specification, with each booth and prep bay housing one of these impressive bit’s of kit!

The two Prep bays have 7 kW plant to ensure the prepping dust is removed very effectively and doesn’t go back into the main workshop.

There are also three Aluminium bays with electric roller shutter doors and three Window tinting bays with electric curtains,  all the bays and working areas have our LED lighting and dont forget the sunken rail system and skates to aid productivity in the Spraybooths as well.

The complex will be in full operation in January, the staff will be enjoying this impressive facility.

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