Our Aluminium repair bays are designed to comply with Jaguar Land Rover Equipment Guidelines and satisfy all concerns relating to corrosion protection and explosion within the workshop environment.  The cabins provide a separate work area between where aluminium and steel are machined due possible corrosion damage caused by steel swarf and grinding dust, they also protect against the risk of explosion due to aluminium dust being explosive in particle sizes below 5 microns.

The solid partition walls of our cabins are constructed to the same specification as our spraybooths and incorporate 50mm thick double skinned, insulated panels with a white internal and external finish.  The internal surfaces of the cabin are washable for wet cleaning in order to eliminate aluminium dust, all pipelines are located externally to reduce horizontal surfaces where dust deposits could accumulate.  Cabins come complete with 110V/230V power supplies and compressed air connections.

Optional extras include separated aluminium dust extraction systems, vehicle lifts, emergency lighting and three phase power outlets.

Standard Specifications

  • Dimensions: 8700mm Long x 5400mm Wide x 4000mm High – Internal
  • LED Lighting System
Todd Engineering